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Teaching students to be prepared, make good academic choices, and look forward to academic and personal success.
It's Easier to Get Ahead Than to Catch Up SM
 Letters such as these motivate us to continue and expand this program.
Your donations will allow us to continue serving and helping these children achieve their goals

My sonís grades have improved from Dís and Fís to Aís and Bís. Not only are my sonís grades improving, but his whole attitude and self confidence have soared.  What kind of price can you put on that?

I have two children who have been receiving tutoring.  Tutoring has had a positive effect on both boys. They are both doing better in school, and are showing more confidence.  Tutoring is something we had checked into, but we could not afford it.  Thanks to you, our boys are getting the help they need.

 I wanted to thank you.  My son was struggling with Math, and as parents we struggled to help him.  Homework time seemed impossible.  After tutoring, all that changed.  Not only did he excel in Math but he also excelled on his Benchmark exam, scoring at the advanced level.  Helping our children succeed in life is so important. 

Once again, we have the privilege to send a letter of thanks to you regarding the wonderful tutoring Martha has received over the summer of 2008.  Her reading retention and writing continue to improve.  I canít tell you how tremendous it is for us as parents to see our daughter opt to read a book rather than watch television.  Martha is really ďpumpedĒ about the coming school year.  There are not words to really express what we feel as a result of this remarkable gift you have provided our child.

 Thank you, we do appreciate your tutoring program.  My son and I get excited every time we go. 

The tutoring has been a blessing to my daughters.  Not only have their grades increased, but they have gained a wonderful mentor and a sense of accomplishment.  One of my daughters in the 6th grade but read on a 2nd grade level.  She struggled just to maintain a C. Progress reports came home today, and she has all Bís and Aís!  She was so happy!

 My daughter Rebecca just completed tutoring through your program. I would like to let you know what a blessing to us it has been. 

Rebeccaís grades improved, she actually understands her work, she made a friend and mentor, and this program has given me piece of mind.

My daughter Melinda began to struggle in the 2nd grade.  Her teachers recommended that she be held back.  Although I eventually decided against this, she continued to struggle.  I then was told about your program.  I was unsure that they could help with our situation, but it was not long before things began to change.  Melindaís grades started climbing along with her self esteem. Within months, she was bringing home an all ďAĒreport card.  She continues to maintain these grades and today is a happy well adjusted top of her class little girl.  Just recently, she was nominated by two of her teachers to be tested for our schoolís gifted program.  It was so easy to work with your scheduling procedures, and we could not have been happier with the tutor that was chosen for us. I am so grateful for the work that you do.  Tutoring has caused the ďdrastic change Ē that I prayed for two years ago.

My son Sam started going to tutoring  in May. Sam did not read. After a couple of weeks he was sounding out the words and reading short phrases.  He is so excited to go there and loves all the people.  Iím on a limited income and just starting to catch up on past due bills.  I am so grateful for this help for Sam.  School has so many kids to a classroom with different disabilities, and they were not able to spend the time to teach Sam to read.  It has changed his life. Thanks again.

 Through tutoring my daughterís grades went from a D in reading to an A.  The tutors she is working with are prefect matches for her.  She canít wait until Tuesday and Wednesday so she can learn new things.  Her teacher has made numerous comments on her improvement. It is amazing for me to see my daughter confident at school.  Without the tutoring, my child would have had to repeat the third grade. She is now confident in herself and her ability to complete her work.

I am Tylerís mother.  You donít know how grateful I am that Tyler is getting the help he needs in school. I myself never had to take math like he has.  I know Tyler would not strive like he has without the help these tutors have given him. The one on one help makes a big difference instead of a whole classroom full of students trying to get the teacher's attention.

 Iím writing to say thank you for allowing my daughter Tatum to participate in tutoring.  Her grades have improved in every subject.  Her confidence has also improved as well as her organizational and study skills.  She speaks very highly of her tutor and regards him as a mentor.  We never would have been able to do this for Tatum financially, so I want to express how truly grateful I am for giving my child this wonderful opportunity.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the time and effort that was spent on behalf of my son.  He really struggled in school this past 7th grade, and the assistance provided by the tutoring was exceptional.  The tutor provided valuable feedback and tools that helped him become more organized and he was able to raise his grades. 

 Iím glad your program was introduced to me and Jenney.  It helps me have more confidence to be able to read and write. My daughter Jenney was behind, but now she is on grade level and her self esteem has improved.  This experience has allowed me to show my daughter that education is important to have in life. 

Through this journey I have been a role model for her. Thank you for everything.

Tutoring has played a crucial role in our childrenís education, and we cannot praise the tutors and administrators enough for helping to nurture the wonderful seed of education in childrenís lives.


English Translation

 Querido TRA.  Les excribo estas lineas con la intension de pedirles so colaboracion para me nina.  Mi hija esta muy necisitada  y no esta leyendo como yo quisiera.  Yo se que ella puede dar mas, con una poca de ayuda..  Me gustaria que consideren la posibilidad de aydarnos, muchas cracias de antemana.  Tengo muy buenas referencias de usteded por una amiga muy cercancia.  Espero poder recibir una respuesta postiva.               Gracias sinceramente

Dear TRA. I write to ask for help for my daughter.  My daughter is in much need of help and she is not reading at the level that I would want her to be at.  I know that she is capable doing better with a little bit of help.  I would like you to consider helping us and thank you in advance.  I have a close friend that has given you great references.  I hope to receive a positive response.

Thanks, Sincerely

 Yo estoy hacienda una peticion al programa de tutores por motivo que mi hijo Jaime necessita ayuda.  Me es dificil aydarle.  Primero, no hablo bien Ingles por el momento y le explico en espanol y el no me entiende.  Segundo tengo otras dos ninas y es un poco dificil enfocarme solo en Jaime.  Es por eso escribo esta carta esperando su pronto respuesta.

 I am petitioning the tutoring program [TRA] because my son Jaime needs help.  It is difficult for me to help him.  First, I don't speak English well  and if I explain [homework] it to him in spanish he does not understand me.  Secondly, I also have two dauhters, and it is difficult to just focus on Jaime.  Because of this, I write awaiting a quick response.

Quiero agradecer en especial por su interes en ayudar a los ninos que tienen problemas educativos.  .......Como madre he visto el progreso en me hijo, en la lectura y excritura, ya que mi hijo tiene nececidades especiales con autism; veo que ha sido una bendicion, porque era algo imposible para mi como madre.

Estoy muy contenta con el program espero lo puedon extender ya que llegaria hacer un beneficio para los ninos, padres y maestros.


 I would like to especially thank you for your desire to help children with problems with school work.

As a mother I have seen the progress that my son has made in reading and writing.  Since my son is challenged with Autism, it has been a blessing because it was getting to be impossible for me as a mother.

I am very happy with the program and I hope that it will continue, since it is a great benefit for the children,


  These are just a few of the many letters and Emails we have received over the years.
TRA, parents and the children thank you for your donation.




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